When it comes to handgun use, guide rods can make a significant difference in how the gun handles. Many gun users are surprised to learn that guide rods can affect the handgun in several positive ways. While there are different types of guide rods, stainless steel guide rods improve gun usage in many ways.


Here is a look at the advantages of using stainless steel guide rods in your handguns:


Reduce Muzzle Flip

Muzzle flip is the tendency of the firearm’s muzzle or front end to rising after firing. Stainless steel rods add extra weight to the handgun, specifically the front end. This added weight helps to reduce muzzle flip, which can be an annoyance for most gun owners.


More Comfortable Use

High quality stainless steel guide rods add weight to the handgun, which can reduce the recoil. The reduction in recoil will lessen the smack against the user’s hand during firing. This reduction in force can make the firearm more comfortable to use, and it can make target practice much more enjoyable.


Improve Shooting Accuracy

In firearms, you can change the slide speed by altering the mass of the gun. By adding stainless steel guide rods to your handgun, you increase the gun’s weight which will increase slide speed and make for more accurate shooting. For the gun owner who prides himself on an accurate shot, this can be one of the most desirable advantages of switching to stainless steel rods.


The advantages of stainless-steel guide rods are clearr for gun owners. To learn more about guide rods or invest in stainless steel rods, visit our website at ssguiderods.com or call us at 727-207-0583.


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