The Guide Rod – An Important and Often Undervalued Part with Multiple Functions

The handgun guide rod is an essential yet often undervalued part of the weapon. Its important not only for slide speed, but also for the strength and the accuracy of the shooting. However, as is the case with any other gun accessory, some users feel that shooting with a replacement stainless steel guide rod is no different than the stock guide rod.

The stainless steel guide rod enhances the quality of the shooter by making the gun ergonomic, and fulfills a number of the following roles:

  • Prevents the binding of the recoil spring, enhancing the safety of the shooter’s grip on the weapon.
  • Adds additional weight to the muzzle, making the slide – and with it, the entire handgun – heavier, allowing the shooter to control the muzzle flip much better. The recoil energy that moves the slide can be changed by modifying the mass of the gun, possibly making the shooting more accurate, by allowing the shooter to get back on the target faster.
  • Reduces the strength of the smack caused by the gun on the shooter’s hand, making the shooting more comfortable, safer and easier.
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