Sig Sauer P938 Stainless Steel Guide Rod

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This is a one piece stainless steel guide rod for a Sig Sauer P938 made out of 304 stainless steel.

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This is a one piece stainless steel guide rod for a Sig Sauer P938 made out of 304 stainless steel. The ss guide rod is made of only the finest stainless steel material to replace the two piece factory rod. Our rods are measured to factory specification and we ensure the finest fit and finish on all of our parts. The Sig P938 guide rod is in stock and ready to ship. Be sure to get yours today.




4 reviews for Sig Sauer P938 Stainless Steel Guide Rod

  1. Rickie Bowerman (verified owner)

    Perfect, amazing quality. This has fixed my p938 and I had been searching for months on a replacement/ factory guide rod as mine did what some people typically had an issue of “guide rod ejection” and I couldn’t find anything anywhere else. Sig Sauer was of no help either on locating one. The original 2-piece guide rod has its problems. But this one, is amazing.

  2. Vern Trent (verified owner)

    Received the P938 guide rod today, this is a near perfect replacement for the factory rod. Side by side they are identical, so feel confident in ordering one.

    This is a 5 star review.

  3. Steve Hendricks (verified owner)

    After reading reviews of the P938 series, I decided I didn’t want to take my Legion to the range until I had this guide rod installed. When it was delivered, I immediately installed it and went to my local gun range. The guide rod performed flawlessly as did my P938 Legion for 200 rounds. I definitely recommend this upgrade to any 938 series!

  4. Ralph Culkin (verified owner)


    I recently purchased a Sig Sauer P938 Legión, and on my second visit to the range it suffered a “ guide rod ejection”. I contacted Sig Sauer who acknowledged the problem and offered to send a replacement guide rod. Unfortunately, the replacement suffered from the same flaw, a two piece rod that could be ejected. I was considering buying another gun when I came across Stainless Steel Guide Rods! Purchased the P938 one piece rod, and I haven’t experienced a problem since. My Sig P938 Legion works perfectly! Love my Legion with SSGR one piece rod!!!

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