So, you have been or just became a gun owner. You bought your Beretta 92 FS, CZ 95 compact or maybe a Smith & Wesson SD9. Maybe your gun is locked in a safe or hidden in a drawer of your nightstand to make you feel safe and sleep better. Maybe you consider firing a gun as a sport and you want to spend a weekend with friends competing at target shooting.

Whatever your plans are, you need to practice.

Where can you do it safely? We all know that safety is the most important subject in owning a gun and no one wants to neglect it. 

Welcome to the Shooting Range

A shooting range or gun range is a facility dedicated to firearm practice. Some of them are operated by military personnel, but most ranges are owned privately by civilians or sport clubs and provide a practice ground for private gunowners and recreational shooters. 

These facilities usually are overseen by supervisors. They are responsible for weapon safety rules and government regulations at all times.

Shooting ranges can be indoor or outdoor. They can be limited to certain types of pistols.

Indoor Gun Ranges 

Most shooting ranges in urban areas will be indoors. They offer convenience and comfort.

  • No need to worry about rough weather conditions
  • Some operate around the clock under a controlled environment. 
  • Equipped with shooting booths
  • Have installed ventilation systems


All indoor shooting ranges should have proper ventilation to reduce patrons’ exposure to airborne lead particles and other fire by-products.

Outdoor Shooting Ranges 

They typically are built away from occupied areas. 

  • Used for longer-distance shooting 
  • Enclosed and have some features in common with indoor ranges
  • Better for health because of larger areas and “open air” 


Regardless of the natural ventilation of outdoor firing ranges, some of them have ballistic baffles overhead and concrete walls on the sides to decrease exposure to lead and noise. Some outdoor ranges also have sound transmission barriers, absorptive materials, and natural vegetation to reduce noise. 

Before you go to a gun range, make a call and find out about their particular rules and regulations. You probably also need to schedule a time. 

No matter what firearm you choose, you want to make sure you know how to use it safely. Shooting ranges are a great option for you. You may also want to have a proper stainless steel rod. No matter what firearm you choose, a CZ 75 Compact, a Smith & Wesson SD or a Glock 19 gen 3, a stainless steel guide rod will enhance its performance and chances are, we’ll have it, so give us a call 727-472-5603.