The handgun guide rod is an essential, yet often underestimated part of the weapon, important not only for slide speed, but also for the strength and the accuracy of the shooting, as well as for safety. However, as is the case with any other gun accessory, there are users who believe that the rod is extremely important, while others think that shooting can be just the same without it.

Well, let’s see what it can actually do.

The handgun guide rod enhances the quality of the shooting by making the gun safer and more ergonomic, and it fulfills a number of different roles:

  • – One of the main functions of the guide rod is to prevent the binding of the recoil spring, enhancing the safety of the shooter’s grip on the weapon.
  • – The guide rod adds extra weight to the muzzle, making the slide – and with it, the entire handgun – heavier, allowing the shooter to control the muzzle flip much better. The recoil energy that moves the slide can be changed by modifying the mass of the gun, possibly making the shooting more accurate, by allowing the shooter to get back on the target faster.
  • – The guide rod reduces the strength of the smack caused by the gun on the shooter’s hand, making the shooting more comfortable, safer and easier.

Handgun guide rods are available in different material versions:

  • – Plastic – Most guns come out from the factory with a stock plastic handgun guide rod. Most handguns function perfectly with the original part, but some users like to replace the original guide rod with an aftermarket part, usually one made of steel, stainless steel or tungsten.
  • – Metal – most aftermarket guide rods are made of steel or stainless steel. These captive or non-captive rods feature round or flat springs and they are more solid than plastic rods, so they are able to equalize muzzle climb more efficiently.
  • – Tungsten – the physical properties of tungsten, such as the extremely high tensile strength, the heavy weight and higher density, make it an excellent material for guide rods, more durable than any other material. The best tungsten rods are made of copper-tungsten alloy, allowing the user to benefit from the properties of both metals, making the guide rod less brittle.

Enhanced durability, accuracy and safety for your gun – these are the features that a properly chosen handgun guide rod can add to the experience of shooting.