Here at Stainless Steel Guide Rods, people are always asking us what kind of gun we would recommend for them. There are so many quality handgun choices in the marketplace these days – from the Smith & Wesson SD40VE to a CZ 75 compact – choosing can be a bit difficult. There are lots of good choices you can make, depending on who you are shopping for and what they might want to use the gun for. 

If you’re looking for a popular every day carry or EDC piece, you might want to consider the venerable KEL-TEC P-11 9mm semi-automatic pistol. This would be a double action only or DAO firearm.

You can have the best blaster in the world. But if you don’t have it with you when you need it, what good is it? Therefore, a small-caliber handgun that is easy to carry all day will do more for you when the chips are down than a powerful large-caliber handgun that is a bear to tote around. You are likely to leave the latter at home in the safe. 

The KEL-TEC Advantage

In you carry a gun for self-defense, you need a reliable handgun that you can rapidly put into action. If you’re facing an imminent threat, you’ll be awfully glad to have a “point and shoot” pistol. 

Defensive handgun afficionados have been intrigued with Kel-Tecs since George Kelgren, the company’s founder and president, released his first official production semi-automatic pistol, the 9mm P-11, in the 1990s. This semi-automatic 9mm pistol has been significantly improved and made more reliable over the years as the kinks have been ironed out. 

Advantages of today’s KEL-TEC P-11: 

  • It is affordable. Street prices for a new P-11 average between $250. and $300.  
  • The P-11 is a low-profile subcompact pistol that is small in height (4.3 inches), length (5.6 inches) and width (1 inch).
  • It is quite light weight (14 oz. unloaded/20 oz. loaded), but still packs a punch.
  • Reliability

Our stainless-steel guide rod for the KEL-TEC P-11 is made from the finest 304 stainless steel. As with all of our guide rods, our KEL-TEC P-11 guide rod is measured to the manufacturer’s factory specifications, and we ensure the finest fit and finish on all of our parts. This is a great upgrade to the guide rod in your KEL-TEC P11.

There are lots of great choices if you’re looking for a gun for concealed carry purposes, including the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ 9mm, the S&W 340 PD, the Glock G19X, the Glock 43 and the Sig Sauer P365. (And we have stainless-steel guide rods for all of them!)

What makes a great concealed carry weapon? You should look for a small, lightweight yet substantial caliber pistol because:

  1. They are easier than a big gun to conceal. 
  2. For most people, they are more comfortable to carry. 
  3. You want the power and penetration that you get with a 9 mm load or greater. 


The Sig Sauer P365 sub-compact 9mm semi-automatic pistol is currently popular for all these reasons.  

The Importance of Maintenance with Concealed Carry Guns

Since they are chosen to be carried often, concealed carry guns are subject to more wear and tear from sweat, heat, lint, etc. than are handguns that are not every day carry guns. Therefore, more attention must be given to regular maintenance of the gun, inspection of its essential parts, and upgrades when parts are wearing down. 

Handguns that are not maintained properly tend to be less reliable. Proper pistol maintenance, as most firearm manufacturers recommend, requires that the recoil spring guide rod assembly be replaced after firing a certain number of rounds through the pistol. The recoil spring guide rod assembly, which is the heart of the mechanical action of a semi-automatic pistol, takes a major beating. And the smaller the pistol, the greater the beating.  

Whether you prefer the Sig Sauer P365, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ 9mm, the S&W 340 PD, the Glock G19X, the Glock 43 or one of many other great choices for concealed carry, you can order a single spring stainless steel guide rod for your gun from us. Stainless-steel guide rods have tested extremely well. They will provide a little extra weight to the pistol which aids shooting reliability. Its stainless-steel composition allows it to take lubricating oil well. An appropriately lubricated pistol is essential for reliability.

The CZ 75 Compact is among the most popular firearms produced by the legendary brand that gets its name from its Czech roots. CZ stands for Česká zbrojovka, which translates to ‘Czech armory.’ The brand traces its roots back to 1936. When production began in 1937, the focus was on aircraft machine guns, military pistols and small-bore rifles. 

In addition to the CZ 75 Compact, we offer stainless steel guide rods for many other popular handguns from CZ, including: 

  • CZ P07
  • CZ P01
  • CZ P10 C
  • CZ PCR
  • CZ P09
  • CZ 75B
  • CZ 75 P07
  • CZ 40P
  • CZ 75 Shadow
  • CZ 75 Kadet

The Benefits of Owning a CZ Handgun

The CZ 75 is the flagship model of the CZ handgun line. Since it was first introduced in 1975, more than 1 million CZ 75s have been made. CZ has developed an entire family of pistols around the basic CZ 75 design, including the CZ 75 Compact.  

Like all CZ handguns, the CZ 75 has a number of outstanding features, including: 

  • Durability

CZ handguns are incredibly durable. CZ’s feature a very durable frame which is a considerable benefit for gun owners who travel often and use their handgun frequently. The durable frame helps to reduce recoil, which makes for more comfortable use as well.

  • Reliability

Having a reliable handgun is vital. One of the most popular handgun brands for military and police, CZ handguns are among some of the most reliable handguns on the market. Their durable frame and comfortable feel make them the perfect gun for everyday use.

  • Stainless Steel Rod Compatibility

Every CZ model is compatible with stainless steel rods. Guide rods are an overlooked part of a handgun, but they are one of the most important features. By adding a stainless steel rod to your CZ model, you increase the weight of the handgun, which can reduce muzzle flip and improve your shot accuracy over a period of time.

We are proud to offer stainless steel guide rods for the most popular CZ models, including the CZ 75 Compact. We also have stainless steel rods for many other popular handguns, including Gen 3 Guide Rod, Glock 17 Gen 4 Stainless Steel Guide Rod, Glock 17 Gen 5 Guide Rod, Glock 19 Gen 3 Guide Rod, Glock 19 Guide Rod and Spring, Shield 2.0, M&P Guide Rod, Beretta 92FS Compact and more.

Whether you’re buying a Glock guide rod for your first gun or looking for a stainless steel guide rod for the Beretta 92FS Compact you’ve known and loved, there is a lot to keep track of when it comes to owning a handgun.

Conceal Carry Laws Vary 

Depending on what state you live in, conceal carry laws can vary. Each state has its own set of laws that handgun owners have to abide by. It’s also important to note that if you are planning to travel, you must check the carry laws in the area you will be in to make sure you are following them correctly. Handgun owners will also have to abide by specific business laws. Some businesses do not allow any type of carrying in their establishment.

You Must Renew Your Permit Depending on Where You Live

Knowing when to renew your permit is vital. Handgun owners must renew their conceal carry permit yearly in some states. For Federal Firearms Permits, they must be renewed every three years. 

And perhaps most importantly, 

Stainless Steel Rods Increase Performance

Most handgun owners keep the factory-equipped plastic guide rod in their handgun, but for the owners who want to increase the performance of their handgun, you have the ability to upgrade. Most handguns can home stainless steel rods. Whether for a Smith & Wesson SD9 or Glock 17 Gen 5, guide rods of stainless steel help to increase the firearm’s performance by lowering the recoil, increasing shot precision and decreasing muzzle flip.

When it comes to your handguns, you want a company you can trust. At Stainless Steel Guide Rods, we carry a wide variety of guide rods, including a variety of Glock Guides, such as the Glock 17 Gen 5 Guide Rod, Glock 19 Gen 3 Guide Rod and the Glock 19 Guide Rod, as well as  the Smith & Wesson Shield 2.0 and M&P Guide Rod, and pride ourselves on customer service.

A large amount of Smith & Wesson Shield 2.0s is sold in the U.S. every year. Smith & Wesson are among some of the most prestigious firearms in the country. Even people who know nothing about guns have heard about Smith & Wesson – for good reason. 

There is a lot to like about the Smith & Wesson Shield 2.0 handgun:

The Shield 2.0 is voted one of the best conceal carry handguns. The Smith & Wesson Shield is lightweight, which makes it a perfect handgun for carrying on you. Not only is it lightweight, but it is also very compact.

It’s great for women. The Smith & Wesson SD4VE and the Smith & Wesson SD9 are both great guns, but, weighing in at only 19 ounces, the Smith & Wesson Shield 2.0 is a great choice for women. In addition to its low weight, the Shield 2.0 has a compact frame, which can fit well in the smaller hands that most women have. 

It’s compatible with our stainless steel guide rods. Like the Shield 2.0 is able to hold a stainless steel rod which will add extra weight to the gun. Since the Smith & Wesson Shield 2.0 is lightweight, the extra weight will increase performance without making the gun too heavy. The extra weight will help reduce muzzle flip, eliminate excessive recoil, and increase shot accuracy.

We carry stainless steel guide rods for the:

We also offer stainless steel guide rods for the Smith & Wesson SD40VE, the Smith & Wesson SD9 VE, the Smith & Wesson SW99 and the Smith & Wesson SW9. We also carry rods of stainless steel for the Beretta 92FS Compact, the CZ75 Compact, CZ P07, the Glock 17 Gen 4, Glock 17 Gen 5 and many more.

Can you imagine how happy your favorite gun owner would be waking up on Christmas morning to find a guide rod for his Glock or a guide rod for her Smith & Wesson M&P under the tree?

Guide rods are an essential element of many handguns manufactured around the world.  In most cases, however, the guide rods that come with the guns are made of plastic.  This presents several disadvantages, including improper oiling, springs that are too tight, and overuse.

If there’s a handgun owner or owners in your family, consider giving the gift of an American-made stainless steel guide rod to replace the plastic one that comes with the gun.

Some of the most popular stainless steel guide rods that we offer include:

  • Smith & Wesson® Shield 9mm & 40 cal Guide Rod
  • Sig Sauer SP2022 Guide Rod
  • Sig Sauer SP2022 Guide Rod Black-Nitride
  • Smith & Wesson® Shield 45 cal Guide Rod
  • Walther PPQ-M2 Stainless Steel Guide Rod
  • Smith & Wesson® SD40VE Guide Rod
  • Smith & Wesson® SD9 VE Guide Rod
  • Sig Sauer P938 Stainless Steel Guide Rod
  • Beretta 92 Guide Rod / M9A1 Guide Rod
  • HK VP9 Stainless Steel Guide Rod

Other popular offerings from SS Stainless Steel Guide Rods include:

  • CZ 75 compact
  • CZ p07
  • CZ p10 c
  • CZ pcr
  • CZ po1
  • CZ po7
  • CZ75 compact

Česká zbrojovka’ translates to ‘Czech armory.’  The company began producing aircraft machine guns, military pistols and small-bore rifles in 1937. According to the company, “1990 saw production for Czechoslovak armed units come to an end and the newly available capacity was put to full use in expanding the production of sporting and hunting firearms, as well as products for armed police and military units.”

  • Beretta 92fs compact
  • Glock 17 gen 4 stainless steel guide rod
  • Glock 17 gen 5 guide rod
  • Glock 19 gen 3 guide rod
  • Glock 19 guide rod and spring
  • M&P guide rod
  • Smith & Wesson sd40ve
  • Smith & Wesson sd9

Beretta is an Italian manufacturer that dates to the 16th Century.  Glock was founded by the Austrian Army in the 1980s.  Smith and Wesson is an American manufacturer that’s been in business since 1852.

Not sure which stainless steel guide rod to put in your favorite gun enthusiast’s Christmas stocking? Call us at 727-207-0583.

The Glock is one of the most popular brands of handguns.  Perhaps surprisingly, it dates only to the early 1980s, when the Austrian Army announced plans to develop a new handgun to replace World War II-era models.  Glock company founder Gaston Glock was an engineer with no experience in designing handguns, but his knowledge of the types of materials that would go into the gun was invaluable.

Glock put together a team of leading handgun experts from throughout Europe.  After much work, the Glock 17 was submitted for trials.  After exhaustive testing and evaluation, the gun was accepted for use by the Austrian Army.  Over the next three decades, the Glock grew in popularity and is now used by armed forces and law enforcement agencies in some 65 countries, including the United States.

There have been several generations of Glocks since the introduction of the Glock 17 – and each of them can benefit by the addition of Stainless Steel Guide Rods.  When used to replace the manufacturer’s guide rods, the stainless steel versions can lead to more comfortable use, increased shooting accuracy, and reduced muzzle flip.

Stainless Steel Guide Rods carries a wide range of stainless steel guide rods for the Glock enthusiast.  These include the Glock 17 gen 4 stainless steel guide rod, the Glock 17 gen 5 guide rod, the Glock 19 gen 3 guide rod and the Glock 19 guide rod and spring.

Our stainless steel rods are CNC machined out of the highest quality 304 stainless steel material.  Our full range of stainless steel guide rods also includes rods for many other gun manufacturers, including AMT, Arex, Beretta, Colt, CZ, HK, Hi-Point, Kahr, KelTec, Ruger, Sig, Smith & Wesson SD9, Smith & Wesson SD40VE, Springfield Armory, Taurus and Walther.

If you have questions about which stainless steel guide rod is right for your gun, call us at 727-207-0583.

If you’re considering switching your factory plastic guide rods to high-quality stainless-steel guide rods, you’re on the right track. Whether you’re looking for a guide rod for your Glock 17 Gen 4 or are thinking of getting a new guide rod for a CZ P07, a stainless steel guide rod is a great choice.

The Top 2 Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Rods

  • Stainless steel rods add weight: One of the most significant pros of switching to stainless steel guide rods is the extra weight it adds to the handgun. Most gun owners like the excess weight because it can reduce the recoil and make shooting the gun more comfortable.
  • Stainless steel rods improve shooting accuracy: The added weight can increase slide speed which will help improve shot accuracy. Most factory guns come with plastic guide rods that are lightweight and can increase the recoil making shots less accurate.

The decision to upgrade from a plastic guide rod to a stainless steel guide rod for your Glock, Beretta or Smith & Wesson is, of course, up to you. If you’re still unsure about which guide rods would be better for you, contact us to learn more about our guide rods. We can be reached at 727-207-0583 and we’d be happy to help.

When it comes to your handgun, you want to be comfortable when shooting. Here at Stainless Steel Guide Rods we want to help make using your firearm more enjoyable and comfortable in all aspects. We can help you improve your handgun usage with our wide variety of guide rods for Glock, Colt, Beretta, CZ, Ruger, Smith and Wesson, Springfield, AMT and other popular handguns.

If you’re still not sure and have questions, please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

Glock 19s are among the most popular handguns on the market. While most gun owners have heard about the advantages of using Glock handguns – especially when you equip a Glock with a stainless steel guide rod, there are several things that many do not know about this popular firearm.

Here are three things you may not know about the Glock 19:

  1. They are lightweight. Glock handguns are incredibly lightweight, which can be a desirable feature for most gun owners. The Glock 19 is very lightweight, making concealability much simpler. Most gun owners do not like having to carry heavier handguns. By investing in the Glock 19, you get to enjoy carrying around a lightweight gun.
  2. They are easy to clean. If you want to extend the lifetime of your handgun, then you’ll have to clean it regularly. One of the things most handgun users complain about is when a gun is hard to clean. For the Glock 19, users love how easy it is to clean. Since the Glock 19 is comprised of few parts, it is easier to clean. This means that you can clean the gun more regularly without any hassle and improve the longevity of the gun.
  3. Stainless steel guide rods improve performance. A Glock with a stainless steel guide rod performs even better. Our Glock 19 guide rods can help make the handgun more stable to use, and this means that it can reduce the recoil and muzzle flip. Stainless steel rods in a Glock can also help make shooting for precise for gun owners who want to increase their shooting accuracy.

Stainless Steel Guide Rods is proud to provide handgun users with the best stainless steel guide rods for Glocks on the market. Our Glock guide rods are high-quality, so you can shop without worry knowing you’re purchasing unique products that will make your handgun shooting more enjoyable and safer in the process.

To learn more about Glocks and how stainless steel guide rods can improve the performance of not just Glocks, but all firearms, call us 727-207-0583.

The handgun guide rod is an essential, yet often underestimated part of the weapon, important not only for slide speed, but also for the strength and the accuracy of the shooting, as well as for safety. However, as is the case with any other gun accessory, there are users who believe that the rod is extremely important, while others think that shooting can be just the same without it.

Well, let’s see what it can actually do.

The handgun guide rod enhances the quality of the shooting by making the gun safer and more ergonomic, and it fulfills a number of different roles:

  • – One of the main functions of the guide rod is to prevent the binding of the recoil spring, enhancing the safety of the shooter’s grip on the weapon.
  • – The guide rod adds extra weight to the muzzle, making the slide – and with it, the entire handgun – heavier, allowing the shooter to control the muzzle flip much better. The recoil energy that moves the slide can be changed by modifying the mass of the gun, possibly making the shooting more accurate, by allowing the shooter to get back on the target faster.
  • – The guide rod reduces the strength of the smack caused by the gun on the shooter’s hand, making the shooting more comfortable, safer and easier.

Handgun guide rods are available in different material versions:

  • – Plastic – Most guns come out from the factory with a stock plastic handgun guide rod. Most handguns function perfectly with the original part, but some users like to replace the original guide rod with an aftermarket part, usually one made of steel, stainless steel or tungsten.
  • – Metal – most aftermarket guide rods are made of steel or stainless steel. These captive or non-captive rods feature round or flat springs and they are more solid than plastic rods, so they are able to equalize muzzle climb more efficiently.
  • – Tungsten – the physical properties of tungsten, such as the extremely high tensile strength, the heavy weight and higher density, make it an excellent material for guide rods, more durable than any other material. The best tungsten rods are made of copper-tungsten alloy, allowing the user to benefit from the properties of both metals, making the guide rod less brittle.

Enhanced durability, accuracy and safety for your gun – these are the features that a properly chosen handgun guide rod can add to the experience of shooting.