Ever wonder why so many people are moving to a stainless steel guide rod for their handgun or pistol? Well, we have heard horror stories of the plastic pins that most guns come with from the manufacturer. 

Take for instance you drive to your local gun range and want to be able to shoot your handgun. We all do this as gun owners, and expect to be able to shoot our firearm without any hiccups or misfires. Well, you have put several 100 rounds through your gun and low and behold, you find that your plastic guide rod has started to chip or get scratched up! This may lead to the guide rod breaking inside your gun, which would cause major issues inside your gun. We have experienced guide rod failure at the local range many of times!

With the stainless steel guide rod from us, you can simply not have to worry about this type of issue with your firearm at all! The added bonus of  stainless steel guide rod is also it reduces muzzle flip in a gun, where it gives the front of the gun a more balanced weight distribution  We are here to help give you the peace of mind you want when using your firearm, and using your firearm when you least expect it! After all, the gun should work when you want it to. Be safe and as always, shoot straight.

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